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My name is Fragadagadagada and I have nothing to be ashamed of! You can call me a whore, a bleached cunt, an astronaut, a hustler, a young Hollywood actress, an old man with a hard-on, a woman, or rather, women of all types and ages. I am a puppet master, a young man, and sometimes, a child. I love myself. And no! I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.
This whole long, exciting amazing journey of taping into people’s thoughts and their shame started with my own, when both my therapist and my acting coach told me to write about the worst experience of my life. So I did… It was far from being a pleasant piece of cake… But you know what? I did it. And I have been feeling amazing ever since. So Halleluiah! Small dick, weird tits, big cock, perfect rack, fat ass, nerd, slut, playboy, virgin, we’re all on the same boat! As human beings, we have to love ourselves, and share that special love with others. I really hope that by writing these fictional stories, that are very special to me, you will also find the courage to start sharing what you are ashamed of. Free that stupid shame and you will live happily ever after.
Do you really think that Michelangelo had nothing to be ashamed of? Are you on crack? We all have our own secret garden full of shame.
In my case, I didn't want to become one of those social media hookers who are always looking for fame, fame and more fame. I decided to write under an anonymous name because at the end, this thing is bigger than just me and touches everybody. I will give you all the credit to claim that you are Fragadagadagada yourself.
Why Fragadagadagada? Why not? Simply because I thought it was a great name. And if you don’t like the name because it makes you laugh, then you should suck my big fat dick. Ok, I am lying… It’s really not that big, just above average.
Our team, since it’s also yours, is an all-star team that should enter the Hall of Fame. From our community manager, who I like to refer to as the neurotic Mozart of Social Media... Our talented pain-in-my-ass editor, who is a young Marie Antoinette who can read our dirty, sick and beautifully wise minds… Our art department, made up of young students that would put Banksy to shame… Shout out to our special friend for her precious help… And our attorney that just graduated, who will always defend us all against the evil eyes of the American legal system- where kids are allowed to sue their parents for giving birth to them.
We’ve decided to do it ourselves, and not to wait for years to meet a manager, that will find us an agent, that will find us a publisher and so on and so on. By doing so, we've saved many heads and headaches. Hope that you will enjoy them and share them with your friends to help us fight the shame! I love people, I love myself, I have nothing to be ashamed of... And neither should you!

I love you mom.


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